Why are you calling out asking for moar drama?

If you could can you please just stop.

Because it is Bradford. One does not can simply ignore.

Raise your hand if you still give even the slightest fuck about whether the party was “exclusive” or private or whatever. 


No? No one? Okay then. Can we stop fighting about it?

No one is fighting about anything. We are talking about it.

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Hmm.. congratulations on beating that dead horse.

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Just tellin’ it like it is. The Suites is supposed to be somethin’ of an all-inclusive deal, but disinvitin’ folks just creates more rifts in the system. Eh, ain’t worth talkin’ about.

No, you are telling your opinion, which is right to you, but not universal. I thought the suites were a place we live in, not some sort of community where we lived vomiting rainbows and butterflies. The suites isn’t here to be all-inclusive… I doubt that any of the Bradfords would care about if we are throwing private parties or not, so yeah… But like you said. Ain’t worth talking about.

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Meh, dunno, it’s still highschool bullshit Kenna. No place for that kinda fuckery ‘round here.

I didn’t know that throwing parties when you are bored was high school, Cy. We were just a bunch of friends having fun, so if that is high school, think I’m back to it. And sure, but there is plenty of place for people butting in everyone’s business. Makes lot of sense…

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We talked about the party at the dash. It was never really a secret. It just wasn’t open to everyone, considering it was a private party… Bitter much anon?

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Jen and Mandey , I love you gays too!

why you calling us gay, Nat?! GAWD!

-points- >.<


LOL because the stupid iPad corrects me to words acceptable in portuguese.

Jen and Mandey , I love you gays too!

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My dash is awkward…

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You know it is a breai time when you start seeing a macaroon instead of your secretary’s head.

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